Selected as the venue for the King's title match


Summer Limited Plan Information


Announcement of Partial Course Price Revision

Selected as the venue for the King's title match

The Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen has been selected as the site for the “ITO EN Oi-Ocha Cup 65th Championship Game 1” (sponsored by the Chunichi Shimbun and the Nihon Shogi Federation) to be held on July 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.), 2024.

The O-Zen is one of the eight major Shogi titles, and this game is a high-profile one in which Akira Watanabe 9-dan will challenge Sota Fujii.

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-The 65th Oui Ocha Cup Round 1, Game 1



Announcement of Partial Course Price Revision

Thank you for your continued patronage of Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support.

Due to the continuous rise in raw material costs and increased transportation expenses associated with the surge in crude oil prices,
we regret to inform you that there will be a revision in the prices of some courses starting from the menu change on March 14, 2024 (Thursday).

While we have been making efforts to provide you with a better experience through dining at our establishment, the maintenance of quality at the current prices has become challenging due to the reasons mentioned above.

We apologize for this difficult announcement. We kindly ask for your understanding as we implement these changes.

[Price Revision Details from March 14, 2024 (Thursday)]
* A separate 10% service charge will be added to the following inclusive prices.

Lunch Course
- Blessings of the Land / 13,200 yen → 14,300 yen

Dinner Courses
- Tranquility of the New Tree / 14,300 yen → 15,400 yen
- Sublime Moments / 17,600 yen → 19,800 yen
- Anniversary / 17,600 yen → 19,800 yen
- Degustation / 22,000 yen → 24,200 yen

We will continue to strive for improvements in service to ensure a better dining experience for all our valued customers. We appreciate your unwavering support.


The Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen offers a "one-of-a-kind dining experience".
Dining in a location overlooking the garden of the Owari Tokugawa family, the highest ranking feudal lords and a branch family of the Tokugawa clan, is an exquisite experience that cannot be had anywhere else.


Guests delight in the seasonal beauty of the Japanese garden, with its cherry blossoms in the spring and changing leaves in the fall.
Original Japanese-French cuisine created with the finest local ingredients and craftsmanship.
Thoughtful and attentive Japanese-style hospitality.

The lush Japanese garden featuring a beautiful pond in its center was originally the retreat of Mitsutomo, the second lord of the Owari Tokugawa family. The garden shows us a different face in each of the four seasons, ranging from fresh greenery in spring and colored leaves in autumn to dark verdure in the summer and quiet purity in winter, making each visit a new discovery for guests.
Keeping in mind the food mileage, this French cuisine uses as much ingredients and spices from the Tokai region as possible. This Japanese-French cuisine wears its name well as it is made with French cooking techniques while using ingredients produced in Japan. We are committed to sustainability, not only through local production for local consumption, but also through fair trade and other initiatives.
We strive to offer personalized service that is attentive to the various needs of our guests and their individual requirements, guided by our core values of thoughtfulness and attention to detail. For example, our efforts to offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages and premium Japanese teas in addition to wine, and to propose new food pairings for those who are not fond of alcoholic beverages, are an expression of our values.

One of the foremost Japanese gardens in Nagoya, it is perfect not only for daily strolls before and after dining but also for celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries. Only course meals are available for both lunch and dinner.



The Garden Hall combines a panoramic view of the lush Japanese garden that spreads outside the windows with a modern Japanese design. It can be booked for banquets, receptions, exhibitions, and other various events, in a setting that varies from day to night and from season to season.

Tokugawaen overall view

Please feel free to contact us for various types of banquets and private parties.

*If you are an overseas guest planning a banquet, please make a reservation through a Japanese agency.


Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen / Private Room

01Private Room

Sozansou, designated as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan, can be booked as a private room for dinner only

Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen / Restaurant


Garden restaurant with a view overlooking lush gardens

Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen / Garden Hall

03Garden Hall

Banquet hall used for events and as a bridal venue

Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen / Wedding Hall

04Wedding Hall

A sophisticated venue blending traditional and modern Japanese style with a vast garden setting
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Masayoshi Koyanagi
He was born in 1983 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
He joined Nagoya Marriott Associa in 2003. Worked at Mikuni Nagoya for two and a half years.
He moved to Grand Maison Graciani in Kitano, Kobe in 2006, where he worked as a sous chef.
He moved to France in 2012 to pursue his training at Michelin-starred Saturne, Abri, and Bigarrade (two-starred).
After returning to Japan, he became the chef de cuisine at the French restaurant Carceratan in Ikeshita, Nagoya.
He has been in his current position since June 2020.


Sozansou(Tangible Cultural Property of Japan)

Sozansou (Tangible Cultural Property of Japan) | Café

The main tea room is surrounded by glass doors on three sides, allowing you to spend your coffee break in the subdued beauty of the Japanese-style garden.
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Aoi no Ma

Aoi no Ma | Multipurpose space

A new multipurpose space located next to the gift store. It can be booked as a meeting room for workshops, seminars, etc.

Store Aoi

Store Aoi

This shop features local traditional crafts, original Japanese sweets made by Nagoya's long-established confectionery stores, and gifts themed on Tokugawaen and the Owari Tokugawa family.



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CONTACT BY PHONE [10:00-20:00] 052-932-7887

[Banquets, Meetings, and Private Parties Inquiries]

CONTACT BY PHONE [Weekdays 10:00-17:00] 052-932-7886

*Contact information for Mondays when the restaurant is closed (or the day immediately following a non-holiday if the Monday is a national holiday)
Please contact us by e-mail if you are in a hurry.
*If you are an overseas guest planning a banquet, please make a reservation through a Japanese agency.